Stivako Education

Stivako Education is new part of the Stivako organization. Stivako Education is created to optimize education. Stivako Education recognizes the importance of choosing the right follow-up study.

Prospective students

Stivako Education supports young people in their decision making process choosing a follow up study. Through completing the Student Profile Analysis (SPA) the person involved learns to discover who they are, what drives them, what their qualities are and what their points of attention are. Their personal behavioural style is visible.

Their personal profile is discussed and linked to possible follow-up education. The resulting self-knowledge gives young people solid handles to make the right choice regarding their future. The SPA can also be used for other purposes. 

SPA (Student Profile Analysis)

What kind of analysis is it? The SPA is a digital personality analysis report includes a discussion that gives you insight into the interests, abilities and motivations of your child. The report is discussed and study advice is entirely personal and based on your child.

Why should my child just make this analysis?

You can better guide your child in the study of the SPA as a tool. The analysis is accessible, easy to use, effective and gives an accurate picture of the personality and behaviour of your child.

The SPA is not a test, but an analysis that is highly personal in nature. The SPA combines four factors dominant profile, influence, stability and conformity in a personal profile. Each section factor is seen as part of the behavioural style your child. Up to three factors form the working strengths of your child. The other factors are supportive factors. The supportive factors have influence on the manner in which the work strengths are reflected in the behaviour. Each profile is unique.

When can my child do this analysis?

The SPA can be requested any time and be completed digitally. Filling takes about eight minutes.

Where can my child do this analysis?

The SPA can be made anywhere through a computer, laptop or tablet with internet access.

More information

More information is available on the website: