Sales and Social media

The first thing we do in this course is give you an overview of the many different social media platforms (like YouTube, Foursquare, LinkedIn and Skype). After that we talk about the marketing opportunities of social media. What is the specific strength of social media and how can you use it properly for commercial and business like purposes? What can you do for your customers when it comes to social media?

Subjects of the workshop:

  • A brief overview of the various social media platforms
  • Specific marketing power of the various social media platforms (specific combinations of them as well)
  • What should you take into account if you use social media for marketing purposes? What are the  (unwritten) rules?
  • Examples of how social media is used by companies
  • How do you actually use social media for your own marketing purposes?

You will also receive our Social Media Textbook

On request

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