Practical marketing

For graphic media companies it is becoming increasingly important to have marketing knowledge. Not “book knowledge”, but practical knowledge that you can use almost immediately. For this reason Stivako developed the course practical marketing. In five sessions you will learn how to get more orders from your customers and how to get new customers.

Themes of the five session:

  • Focus on the customer: What does my market look like? What do I sell and who do I sell it to?
  • What (else) can I offer? (customers needs)
  • How do I promote effectively? (communicate effectively with customers)
  • Sales: How do I ensure that my products and services will be sold?
  • Internet: How do I use online marketing?

The meetings are all about interaction between teacher and participants. This course is not very theoretical, the teacher will focus more on your questions. You will receive the Marketing textbook for free. The things you have learned can directly be put into practice with this textbook.

Are you interested?

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