Management Training & Assessment

Nowadays, we must do the same work with less manpower. To bring out the best in people, good leadership is required. Leading a company sometimes can be lonely. Do you know your strengths? And what strengths does your business need? We will answer these questions at the management seminar organized by Stivako in collaboration with the Dienstencentrum.


  • Personality Assessment: is a description of your personal profile. We do this by using the Personal Profile Analysis (PPA). The PPA provides insight into the work behavior of people. A comprehensive report gives a good picture of yourself. For example, about how you communicate, what motivates you, how you see yourself and how you behave under pressure.
  • Seminar 1: In the first leadership seminar, is about leadership. Besides a brief introduction to the underlying theory you can bring your own cases. What is your leadership style? How effective and efficient are you in it? We use the results of your PPA to map your own behavior.
  • Seminar 2: this meeting is about the talent development of your employees. What qualities does your business need? How do you recognize this in your employees? How do you develop these strengths?
  • Individual advice (session 3 and 4) During these sessions in Amstelveen you will get personal advice to use effectively your talents and /or the talents of your employees.

Location and costs 

The Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) can be completed online. The two seminar meetings and personal advice (third and fourth meeting) take place in Amstelveen. The personal advice is by appointment. The cost for members of the Royal KVGO are €1550,- and for non-members the cost are € 1650, -.