FSC® Trademark Use

Is FSC logo use a delaying factor on the order? Should you ask permission to use the logo on a FSC-order? There now comes an end to that!

FSC offers the possibility to the certifier, in this case SKH (in collaboration with SCCI), to grant exemption when people request permission for using the logo. This is only possible if one proves to use the logo in a correct way. The SCCI and Stivako in collaboration with SKH developed a course FSC Trademark Use. In this course all aspects of logo use from the FSC label are discussed. 


The course ends with an exam given by the certifier. If you pass this exam you will get permissions using the on-product logo on printed materials. The exemption applies to those who passed the exam and is personified. 

The certificate (and herby the approval) can be withdrawn if participants don’t meet the requirements in practice.


If you pass the exam, you’ll receive a certificate. This certificate is personified and gives the owner an exemption in obtaining permission to use the logo on-product use on printed materials.