Board and Employees Stivako

Stivako has a number of permanent employees at its office in Amstelveen. We also work with part-time teachers for our training activities on location. Stivako has a partnership with Dienstencentrum.

The consultants/experts from Dienstencentrum also work as a teacher for Stivako in workshops and in-company programs.


Frank den Hartog

003120 - 54 356 88


Training manager

Eva Bouwman-van Gelder

003120 - 54 355 15


Training coordination and Secretary

Brigitta Koppenol

003120  543 55 670



Trainer & coach

Lex Bergers


Stivako Educatie

Leanne Janssen


Board of Stivako

The Board of the Foundation Stivako engages in the broad field of education (policy) and the relationship with the workplace in a company in the creative industry. This area is influenced by various stakeholders such as employers (organizations), employees (organizations), government, other educational institutions etc. These stakeholders form a network in which the exchange of information and mutual contacts take shape. The board currently consists of three members:

Daniel Fanego

Rex van Elten

Frank den Hartog