Introduction to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Are you motivated to structurally contribute to a better world as well? Or maybe you look above all at the returns of CSR, a more effective organization, better promotion or motivated employees? All things that have proven to bring in money. ISO26000 is a international guideline that supports entrepreneurs with introducing CSR. Customers, such as the Dutch Government will require or demand a graphic company to produce and work in a socially responsible way.

This workshop provides an introduction to CSR, provides insight into what CSR actually is and shows you how to get started in your own company.

Target Group

The course aims at the management and employees of the graphic company that orients on CSR or that wants to start with it.

CSR standard for The Graphic Industry

The workshop is fully in line with the CRS standard established for the graphic industry. This standard was developed by the certification institute SCGM. The standard can be downloaded from the SCGM website.