Commercial Sales & Consultancy (COVA)

You can learn how to sale your products! Of course you must like it to communicate and deal with people. But if that is the case, you can be a great seller through our Training Commercial Sales & Consultancy. The focus is the training of sales skills. In role plays, you are confronted with different types of customers and prospects. You learn to pick their buying-signals and can advise them successful solutions.

Why this program?

This commercial training is focused on selling graphic media products and services. All cases revolve around situations where an employee with a prospect or client communicates and the preparation of this conversation. The learned competences (knowledge, attitude and skills) can be used directly in practice.


In this training the following subjects are covered:

  • Planned sales
  • Communication and presentation techniques
  • Acquisition techniques
  • Commerce in practice: case studies that encourage exercise.
  • Sales calls

Who needs it?

The training is intended for account managers, sellers, order manager, SME managers and others.