Individual Coaching

Coaching is a very personal form of training. It can be related to: skills, confidence, conflict situations, and personal growth. Coaching is about making someone aware of his/her behaviour. The coach asks questions, points to solutions to problems, shows a different approach, forces us to think and tell the truth.

Stivako has extensive experience in coaching people who work in the graphic media and communications industry. In addition we can also help you in a professional way with your career.


You can request a test interview from 1-1,5 hours, where you can experience what coaching is and whether it is an appropriate way for you to help yourself to develop.

A test interview costs only 60 euros (excluding VAT) and can be requested by contacting Eva Bouwman-van Gelder: 003120-543 55 22. A pilot interview takes place in Amstelveen. For more information, please contact Eva Bouwman-van Gelder.

Testing and career guidance

We have different tests and analyses. You can use these tests for the deployment, recruitment of new employees or in the context of career guidance. The PPA test (Personal Profile Analysis) is a tool that you can use for yourself as for your employees. The PPA provides insight into the work behaviour of people. A comprehensive report gives a good picture of yourself. For example, about how you communicate, what motivates you, how you see yourself and how you behave under pressure.

The various activities in this area are:

  • Personal Profile Analyse (PPA)
  • Team Analysis
  • Task Analysis
  • Career guidance 

More information?

Do you have questions? Or would you like an appointment for an interview? Call us: 003120-543 56 70 or use the contact form to request more information.